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From the Kindness of a Stranger

When Cherie Harper was asked if she’d make a new flag for Boys Ranch Town, she wholeheartedly agreed – even though she’d never stepped foot on the campus.

Cherie Harper and BRT Administrator Brent Thackerson hold up the new flag during its unveiling.

Cherie attends church at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, where she goes to Sunday School with Zelda Hendley, a dear friend and volunteer of BRT’s.

Cherie stands next to Zelda’s husband, Jack Hendley.

“When Zelda asked if I’d be able to make a flag, I said I’d never done a flag before but I’d certainly try,” Cherie said. “It took me about a month. I actually made about four flags before I got to this one. I put them on sheets.. I put them on everything to practice.”

BRT Administrator Brent Thackerson admires the newly embroidered flag.

The BRT flag is used for a variety of purposes, including being on display during parades and rodeos. Unfortunately, the well-loved flag used from 1990-2003 was too fragile and had to be retired for cosmetic reasons.

Two current residents proudly hold the original BRT flag.

“If we kept using it, it was going to fall apart,” said Brent Thackerson, BRT administrator.

Cherie used the old flag as a template to make the new flag: complete with a detailed horse, bright yellow type and fringe down three of the sides.

“Just the horse has 56,642 stitches,” Cherie said, with a big smile.

During the unveiling of the new flag, Cherie got to visit BRT where she met with Brent, BRT volunteers and two current residents.

Cherie tells two BRT residents about the flag’s embroidery process.

“It’s very humbling to get to do this. It’s for a good cause,” she said. “I think it’s an awesome thing to have this campus for the boys. That boy said he thanked God every day that he had a place to live.”

Brent Thackerson stands next to Cherie Harper after she presented the flag on campus.

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Thank you to Cherie, Jack and Zelda for their time and service to Boys Ranch Town.


With gratitude,

Lauren Capraro

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